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Hearing #73 .....Homeowner threatens City Council with John Shoemaker and they call his bluff! According to someone who was there, as soon as the Shoemaker name was mentioned, one of the Councilmen jumped out of his chair and rushed to the City Attorney and started whispering in his ear. The Fire Department says they made the building a Cat 1 so the guy could move back in as a homeowner and when they found out he wasn't going to live there they changed it to a Cat 2 Vacant Building. Councilman Harris tells Marcia Moermond to turn the guy in to Ramsey County for "tax fraud" and she says she will.

Hearing #63 ....Nancy Lazaryan has a big fight with Kathy Lantry, and then comes back again on hearing #71 and hands Lantry her lunch!

Also appearing for us in Hearing #59 is Leslie Lucht who proceeds to chew out the City Council over more lawsuits. There is a very "telling" statement made by the City Attorney is this hearing. City Attorney Hendrickson says that the City of St. Paul has every right to enforce items that are not in the State Building Code!

All St Paul City Council Hearings for 5/21/08